The Children’s Television Allstars Francise is Revoked

The Children’s Television Allstars competed in the first two seasons of the Ten10. By season 3, the beginnings of a modern rite of passage was taking place in our front room, the transition from CBeebies to CBBC. The scorecard attached is of the CTA’s final match of Season 2.

The Children’s Television Allstars’ Franchise is Revoked

The committee unanimously agreed
before there was even debate.
The franchise of the Children’s Television
Allstars must be revoked.
From henceforth, they have no
future in this league.

The team were gathered together
at the Tombliboo bush to
receive the news; grateful that
the CEO of Ten10 Inc.
did not duck the meeting and
send a callow emissary.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t compete.
They had improved
since that two win first
season, when only a
constant stream of wickets
from Postman Pat’s

leg cutters covered for a tactical
naivety. No one argues
Shaun the Sheep or Igglepiggle
could probably earn
a spot in any batting order.
Don’t cry, Mr. Tumble.

It is no consolation, but we are
dealing with forces
that are deeper than the market.
The world is still magical,
just not magical enough for
a penguin wicketkeeper.

Alone, the team resolve to play on.
Once, we caught a glimpse
of them in a fast car passing a
village green. No idea of
the score, but Barnacles was trundling
in from a long run up.

Simon Travers © 2014

cta v tgc s2g42001

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