First Review – Vanity Project

A friend of mine called David, who is a Plymouth musician, is the first person to have written a review of ‘Vanity Project’. He posted it to the Stackhouse Jones facebook page.

He very kindly writes:

Vanity Project is forty minutes of exhilarating, hypnotic and unremitting genius that engaged my full attention and kept me somewhere between meditation and insanity throughout. All the elements of low-res video, high quality audio and unexpected vocals hung together, taking me to places I never knew existed, providing me with moments of genuine inspiration. I’ll be taking that trip again and would willingly become addicted.

New review for Anatomy

Thanks very much to Lunar Poetry for publishing a review by Kyle Cooper of Anatomy . It’s a very kind review as well.

If you’d like to read it all, you can purchase a copy of the journal here.

However, here’s a happy quote:

“Mostly, however, Travers evokes the contemporary world with an elegance that is rare. Against this constant stream of
status updates, bright screens and blaring noise, the relationship is barely a whisper; and because of this, it is successful.”

The team responsible for Lunar Poetry are also trying at the moment to crowdsource £5000 with the aim of setting up a specialist poetry bookshop in London. Perhaps you could consider giving their campaign a visit here.

Blog feature for Anatomy

I’m delighted to draw your attention to another blog that has featured ‘Anatomy’.

Miranda Innaimo, an independent author and blogger, very kindly put together a feature and review of the book. Naturally, I was pleased about this not only for the publicity, but also because I follow Miranda’s blog and it makes me smile every time I read it.

Here is the article that Miranda wrote on Anatomy.

Miranda writes about ‘Anatomy’ “When reading Travers’ rich text, I experienced a wide range of emotional convictions that writing as good at that remarkably exposes: I found myself blushing with the intimacy revealed between husband and wife, delightfully sighing with their sighs…”

You can follow Miranda’s blog from this link.

You can purchase Miranda’s collections of poetry by following this link.

You can follow Miranda on Twitter from this link.