Here is a video of a track from Vanity Project, called Pentecost.

So this is living;
all snot and sacrament,
clocks with blank faces,
I’m utterly floored.
I’d dry your feet with my hair
but, ‘you know’, friction burns.
With every head bowed, every eye closed,
it’s Pentecost.

So this is breathing;
tongues of the angels,
the tears of my fathers
bed down on my cheeks.
‘Is that oil on your hands?’
No, I’m just a sweaty man
with an earthquake in my heart
at Pentecost.

As a young man, I had vision.
As an old man, let me dream.
So this is falling;
it’s not the first time.
Oh God, when you smile.
Oh God, when you smile.
Sing your evening perfume songs,
scratch our names upon a wall.
Rise up and walk
to Pentecost.

Simon Travers (C) 2017

The Language Club 27/04/16

Very excited to be appearing at The Language Club in Plymouth on 27th April. Here’s a preview of the night in the Plymouth Herald. The headliner of the night is Sophie Mayer and there are a bunch of good Plymouth poets too. Should be a great night.

Also excited about my first trip to Taking the Mic in Exeter which is happening this Wednesday.


Shoutout – SW Collective ‘Count Me In’

Last night, I had the great opportunity to see the SW Collective in action performing their new show ‘Count Me In.’ Because I went to the workshop earlier in the day, I even got a chance to be counted in and be part of the show.

‘Count Me In’ is a performance piece that tells life stories through numbers. It’s set in a bingo hall and follows three characters, a caller and two players.

The performers of the SW Collective are incredibly talented people. The show has a simple premise with a simple message told by familiar characters. However, because of the excellent performances from the team, ‘Count Me In’ is a sharp, highly engaging, sophisticated piece of work. It is fresh, poignant and grounded.

If you live in the South West and you get a chance to go along and see it, take the opportunity.

‘Count Me In’ is being performed at the Frome Festival in July 2014.