You might appreciate Anatomy if… 4

Apologies again for the time delay between posts in this series.

I wrote a book last year and called it ‘Anatomy’. It’s a collection of poems and essays that ask about what the Song of Solomon has to say to the 21st century.

In this collection of posts, I want to highlight 5 sets of people who might appreciate my book.

You might appreciate Anatomy if you are

4: prepared to embrace the poetry glut.

‘Anatomy’ is one more book which belongs to the global, all-time poetry and culture glut. There are many ways of negotiating with the poetry glut. Below I explain the way I am aiming for in poetry form. If you like what I am saying in this poem, you may well identify with the way I have developed ‘Anatomy’ and brought it to market. In which case, I invite you to buy a paperback copy through paypal from this site,  or an ebook version from Amazon.


Embrace the abundance of your neighbour’s sunset.
Confess there are wiser parents than you.
Embrace the circle and the shut-tight curtain.
Confess with applause those who showed up too.
Embrace street skaters and harvest festivals.
Confess that on beaches our footprints look the same.
Embrace the moving iceberg and trampled blossom.
Confess the fear of starting again.
Embrace that the opposite of serious is shallow.
Confess truth from the bargain basement is truth.
Embrace that your calling is what you are named and
Confess those who call you a poet as proof.

First Review of Anatomy

It’s an exciting day. The first review of Anatomy has been posted onto Goodreads.

The writer of the review won a copy of the book in the recent give away I did through Goodreads.

Here’s what she says:

“Loved it..brilliant clever intimate …between couple can see hesitancy in beginning poems and more honest in depth trust and vulnerability in the middle to ending poems…puzzling at times…i already have favorite quotes from anatomy. …received a copy for free from goodreads first reads. **** 4 Stars”


Anatomy available in Taunton

If you happen to live in Somerset, and if you do, then lucky you, you may be interested to know that you can purchase a copy of Anatomy from the wonderful Brendon Books in Taunton.

Remember also that Anatomy is available in Plymouth at the Last Shop Standing.

Five a day

One of the big challenges I’m facing at the moment now that the book has been written and published is marketing.

I didn’t do a lot (any) marketing before the book was published. I’m happy with that because I think you have to have something tangible to market with. For some people, that can happen before the product is published because there is a tangible brand identity or reputation.

Yesterday, I received a piece of advice which I thought was really helpful. It was suggested to me that I do 5 things each day to market ‘Anatomy’. This seems to me like good advice because it gives a measure as to if I am doing enough.

So, today, thing one is this.

Thank you again to anyone who has taken the time to follow or like this blog. Can I gently remind you that ‘Anatomy’ is just waiting to be discovered.

It’s available in ebook format through Amazon, and in paperback from this website and if you’re not sure, have a read of the introduction first.

Kindle Version is online

You can now buy a copy of Anatomy for Kindle formats through Amazon by pressing the link here.

And if you do decide to buy a copy, and you like the book, it would be just the most lovely thing if you could add a review.


As you can see from the press release that is on the front page of the site, 4th November 2013 has been confirmed as the publishing date for Anatomy by Simon Travers.

The book will be available in a short run of print copies from this website and also major online retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones. The cost of the print copy will be £5 plus postage and packaging and payments can be made through this site by paypal.

The book will also be available in ebook format. There will be an epub version which will be available firstly through this site. There will also be a Kindle version. Ebooks will be priced at £3.

In addition to this news, I am also starting to build the Anatomy press pack. As a part of that, you can read a short Q and A about Anatomy here.