Queen Victoria scored 111 not out

There is a pub in Totnes where I had the opportunity to perform some of these poems. This one was particularly fun in that setting because the function room has a portrait of Queen Victoria in it. She looked down on me as I read this poem. In some ways, this is one of the most personal poems of the set.

Queen Victoria scored 111 not out

O Victoria, I know how it
leaves a bruise
to perform exceptionally in
a losing cause.
But look to the memory of
the boy umpire.
He doesn’t remember you were
seven runs short
or that the old scorer insisted
the man of the match
be given to a lesser performance
that earned the win.
He would have to look up who
you played against,
and he even gets the number of
runs you scored wrong.
But he remembers, way past
the event and the
deeds done in your name mean
so much to him.
You’ve become a witness to the
wild boundaries
of everything that could be
possibly conceived.
O Victoria, not victorious,
troubled, but glorious.

Simon Travers © 2014

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