Miles Davis on Cricket

Miles Davis was a top order batsman and captain of the New York Jazz Swingers. His greatest achievement was leading the team to the Season 4 championship. He played 43 times for the Swingers, scoring 1054 runs at an average of 28.49. His highest score was in Season 4 against The Great Composers when he made 86 in 22 balls. He scored 6 fifties and was nominated player of the season for the Swingers in Season 1.

Miles Davis on Cricket

“So watcha wanna know?”
Asks Miles. Late period
Miles in the public mind;
Wild hair and feral limbs
Swallowed by padding.
Between innings, going
In at number three. I ask,
‘Why do you play cricket?
Why not baseball instead?’
He drags on a cigarette.
“You ask Coltrane, he’ll
Tell you it’s the cake.
There ain’t no Victoria
Sponge at a ball game.
But listen.  Baseball is
Rock and roll. 1 2 3 4.
But Cricket is jazz.

First up. There are four
Ways to hit a baseball.
1 2 3 4. Left field, Centre
Right field or you bunt.
But cricket, in cricket
You can go in any
Direction that you choose.

Then. Baseball is a
Power game.  Get three
Men on base and bang!
Grand slam! A whop bop
A lou bop, a whop bam boo.
But for cricket, you don’t
Need power, talk to any
Batsman and they’ll tell
You, it’s all in the timing.

Also, you get a mean
Pitcher in a ball game.
He’s goin to try scare
You goin inside, but
You just stand there
Ball 1 2 3 4 and you
Get on to first Base.
If he hits you, then
you go to first base.
But man, you get an
Angry brother with a
Red ball in his hands
And he is going to hit
You with it and hit you
Until he busts your
Ribs up or your nose.
And then, hell, then
you gotta improvise.

© Simon Travers 2014

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