Like many fans, I worry for the future direction of cricket. So I worry about matchfixing. I worry that you never hear cricket conversations about the lessons of Baseball’s ‘steroids era’. But I also know that my dad, my son and I all have, on occasion, cheated when playing Owzthat.
When I played Owzthat as a boy, I kept score with a mechanical calculator that I called ‘the numbers machine’. This is what it looked like. If I did something really wrong as a kid, this is what got confiscated.



In all probability,
this is how the world will be;
pick your premier league
live from the millionaire city.

Someone said the fix was in
and I straightened my school tie.

Do you know the in play odds?

It’s all probabilities,
that’s how it’s always been;
sharp HB, touch screen,
a mechanical numbers machine.

I made the sign for a video review,
so glad that they agreed.

Everyday miracles.

Between the spirit of the age
and the spirit of the game;
are all the ways we speak in code,
and all the ways we share a name.
These things were passed to me,
so I pass them on again.

The score’s not all that counts.

© Simon Travers 2014

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