Churchill Keeping Wicket / Two Days Later

If I remember correctly, this was the first Ten10 poem I ever did in public. I was first on at an open mic night that joined two different groups together. The room was packed. Full of the energy for the night ahead, the audience response was overwhelming; an explosion of kindness that meant a great deal.

Churchill Keeping Wicket / Two Days Later

Both his cheeks
are burnt bus red
under a harrow cap.
Hands on hips, his
shirt is half open,
there is whiskey
breath and sweat.
Quick hands stump
William IV from a
Clem Atlee off break.
He barks ‘Howzat!’

With scores tied
and eight balls to
spare, Churchill
straight drives
Queen Elizabeth II
into the lake; a
bomb which
doesn’t bounce.
With a satisfied
grunt, he heads
for the pavilion.

* * *

Two days later
Margaret Thatcher takes to Twitter
still hurting that
Disraeli was given an extra over
instead of her.
She pleads meritocracy, posts
stats that her six
wickets have come at a rate of
eleven point one seven.

The boy umpire replies “@maggie,
it is just a game of
dice and I was cheering for the
other side #Ten10.”

Simon Travers © 2014

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