Embrace the glut, confess the glut.


Embrace the abundance of your neighbour’s sunset.
Confess there are wiser parents than you.
Embrace the circle and the shut-tight curtain.
Confess with applause those who showed up too.
Embrace street skaters and harvest festivals.
Confess that on beaches our footprints look the same.
Embrace the moving iceberg and trampled blossom.
Confess the fear of starting again.
Embrace that the opposite of serious is shallow.
Confess truth from the bargain basement is truth.
Embrace that your calling is what you are named and
Confess those who call you a poet as proof.

Simon Travers 2014

Christmas update 2015

I know I haven’t tended this site much this year. I didn’t get as much done in the garden as I wanted to either.

I’m still writing slowly. I have an idea in my head. I’m hoping it comes to something.

I’m doing some housekeeping as a first preparatory step to sharing a new project. The first thing I have done is delete my goodreads account. Not because goodreads isn’t good, but because I’ve naturally stopped using it. I’m still on twitter and facebook.

Happy Christmas 2015.

Featured Poem in the Plymouth Herald

I had the privilege today of having a poem published in the Plymouth Herald. It’s one of the series I did last year based around an imaginary cricket league my son and I ran. Click on the image to have a read. Thank you to Kenny and William for the opportunity, and to Ian Beech for the photo.


Back on the mic

simon travers photo july 15

Quick update. I’ve spent the first half of the year quietly, thinking, not doing as much reading as I’d like, slowly taking a new poetry project forward. I realised as a few new poems started to turn up that I needed to be patient. There’s a temptation when you are part of an open mic scene that everything that is brand new gets launched on the world, perhaps before it’s ready. With the new poems I’m working on, one of my main aims is not to cheat on the drafting process.

However, a few opportunities have sprung up in a row to test drive a few poems before audiences in Plymouth, Torquay and Exeter. So I guess I am officially back on the open mic wagon. The photo is evidence of me performing in Torquay. The photo was taken by the host of Poetry Island, Ian Beech, who is a trooper and an inspiration.

New review for Anatomy

Thanks very much to Lunar Poetry for publishing a review by Kyle Cooper of Anatomy . It’s a very kind review as well.

If you’d like to read it all, you can purchase a copy of the journal here.

However, here’s a happy quote:

“Mostly, however, Travers evokes the contemporary world with an elegance that is rare. Against this constant stream of
status updates, bright screens and blaring noise, the relationship is barely a whisper; and because of this, it is successful.”

The team responsible for Lunar Poetry are also trying at the moment to crowdsource £5000 with the aim of setting up a specialist poetry bookshop in London. Perhaps you could consider giving their campaign a visit here.