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The curtain rises. A fig leaf falls. Sex is a theatre of vulnerability.’

ANATOMY by Simon Travers was released by Stackhouse Jones on 4th November, 2013. ANATOMY is a collection of twenty four poems and two essays that are inspired by the Song of Solomon. The book takes the biblical passion of its source material and marries it with the domestic rhythms of the suburbs. The resulting effect is an intensely candid and intimate portrait of a 21st Century marriage.

Readers of ANATOMY eavesdrop into the ongoing conversation of an unnamed husband and wife. Instead of lovers sharing their experience in the public domain; the reader steps into a private, sometimes surreal world. Here they are asked to reconsider marriage and gender identities, and the primacy of vulnerability and grace in human experience.

ANATOMY  is available in a short print run and kindle format.


“Anatomy is full of small moments between lovers when it comes home to you, who you are or who you aren’t. Why you love. What things are important. How much you could possibly lose if you were to lose that love. This is a short and quick read but stunningly powerful.” – Ali Crean, All The Things Inbetween (read full review)

“Mostly, however, Travers evokes the contemporary world with an elegance that is rare. Against this constant stream of status updates, bright screens and blaring noise, the relationship is barely a whisper; and because of this, it is successful.” Lunar Poetry


‘Loved it..brilliant clever intimate’

‘Anatomy by Simon Travers made me feel warm inside, however, for it is less about the bare bones of the body and more about the spirit.’

‘I can assure you that Anatomy has many lines that you will want to remember and think are worth quoting.’

(taken from Anatomy Goodreads page)


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