Ten10 records and statistics

I have added a PDF file to the Ten10 archive which provides a collection of records and statistics for the Ten10 league, for those who like their imaginary cricket to be a little more immersive.

You can access the file through the Ten10 tales page, or by clicking on the link below.

Ten10 Records and Statistics

Further Ten10 tales

I’ve added a bit more onto the Ten10 tales part of the site again.

There is a poem describing Winston Churchill wicketkeeping for the Prime Ministers XI.

There is also a copy of the London Sentinel liveblog for the Season 3 final match between the Archbishops of Canterbury and The Great Composers.

Hope you find something to like in both.

The Language Club 27/04/16

Very excited to be appearing at The Language Club in Plymouth on 27th April. Here’s a preview of the night in the Plymouth Herald. The headliner of the night is Sophie Mayer and there are a bunch of good Plymouth poets too. Should be a great night.

Also excited about my first trip to Taking the Mic in Exeter which is happening this Wednesday.


More Cricket Poems

Today, I am adding two further imaginary cricket poems to the collection of Ten10 tales. They are:

Mrs Line and Length – about a slump in form for Queen Elizabeth II
The Children’s Television Allstars Franchise is Revoked

Hope that you find something to like in them. Will post more soon.

Launching Ten10 tales

To celebrate the start of the new domestic cricket season, I am going to post all of a project I worked on in 2014 called Ten10 Tales.

It’s going to take a while to get them all up, but I have started. There is a new project page for Ten10 tales. I have posted two poems, Miles Davis on Cricket and Who Wants It More?

I have also added an essay I wrote for a competition entitled ‘Owzthat: Still firing both barrels’, which may help provide some context to the poems.

I hope anyone who reads the poems enjoys them. Here’s to a dry summer and a good season for Somerset.


There have been a few nice press related things recently.

Firstly, the Lunar poetry review of Anatomy is now fully online and can be read here.

Secondly, William Telford at the Plymouth Herald is doing an excellent job in covering Plymouth’s poetry and creative writing scene. Here are two of his reports from events that I have recently performed at.

Cross Country Writers, February 2016

The Word, March 2016

Finally, Tom Vowler, the headliner at the Word night, is currently attempting to crowdfund a collection of short stories. I like Tom writing. I find he has a way of getting under my skin. The Plymouth Herald report about his campaign is here. His crowd funding campaign page is here.