Ten10 records and statistics

I have added a PDF file to the Ten10 archive which provides a collection of records and statistics for the Ten10 league, for those who like their imaginary cricket to be a little more immersive.

You can access the file through the Ten10 tales page, or by clicking on the link below.

Ten10 Records and Statistics

Further Ten10 tales

I’ve added a bit more onto the Ten10 tales part of the site again.

There is a poem describing Winston Churchill wicketkeeping for the Prime Ministers XI.

There is also a copy of the London Sentinel liveblog for the Season 3 final match between the Archbishops of Canterbury and The Great Composers.

Hope you find something to like in both.

The Language Club 27/04/16

Very excited to be appearing at The Language Club in Plymouth on 27th April. Here’s a preview of the night in the Plymouth Herald. The headliner of the night is Sophie Mayer and there are a bunch of good Plymouth poets too. Should be a great night.

Also excited about my first trip to Taking the Mic in Exeter which is happening this Wednesday.


More Cricket Poems

Today, I am adding two further imaginary cricket poems to the collection of Ten10 tales. They are:

Mrs Line and Length – about a slump in form for Queen Elizabeth II
The Children’s Television Allstars Franchise is Revoked

Hope that you find something to like in them. Will post more soon.