Embrace the glut, confess the glut.


Embrace the abundance of your neighbour’s sunset.
Confess there are wiser parents than you.
Embrace the circle and the shut-tight curtain.
Confess with applause those who showed up too.
Embrace street skaters and harvest festivals.
Confess that on beaches our footprints look the same.
Embrace the moving iceberg and trampled blossom.
Confess the fear of starting again.
Embrace that the opposite of serious is shallow.
Confess truth from the bargain basement is truth.
Embrace that your calling is what you are named and
Confess those who call you a poet as proof.

Simon Travers 2014

Christmas update 2015

I know I haven’t tended this site much this year. I didn’t get as much done in the garden as I wanted to either.

I’m still writing slowly. I have an idea in my head. I’m hoping it comes to something.

I’m doing some housekeeping as a first preparatory step to sharing a new project. The first thing I have done is delete my goodreads account. Not because goodreads isn’t good, but because I’ve naturally stopped using it. I’m still on twitter and facebook.

Happy Christmas 2015.