Back on the mic

simon travers photo july 15

Quick update. I’ve spent the first half of the year quietly, thinking, not doing as much reading as I’d like, slowly taking a new poetry project forward. I realised as a few new poems started to turn up that I needed to be patient. There’s a temptation when you are part of an open mic scene that everything that is brand new gets launched on the world, perhaps before it’s ready. With the new poems I’m working on, one of my main aims is not to cheat on the drafting process.

However, a few opportunities have sprung up in a row to test drive a few poems before audiences in Plymouth, Torquay and Exeter. So I guess I am officially back on the open mic wagon. The photo is evidence of me performing in Torquay. The photo was taken by the host of Poetry Island, Ian Beech, who is a trooper and an inspiration.