NEW POEM – The Perfect Gift

It has been a long time since I last posted on the blog. Apologies for being lax in updating. Hopefully, I will get around over the next while to updating a little more often with what has been happening.

However, I wanted to share a new poem, which is vaguely Christmassy related, and which I will be performing as part of my set at the Christmas special of RHYMEWARP next Thursday. Hope you like. Thanks for visiting the site.

Simon Travers

The perfect gift

First, go and find the right people,
which is far easier said than done.
Find the people who’ll take you in.
If they can sing all the words to
‘Love of the Common People’
by Paul Young, then perhaps you
can take that as a hopeful sign.

Then let your people bless you.
Let your people hand make you.
Let them bake you and knit you.
Be woven inside their tapestries.
Let them ghostwrite your history.
Most of all, let them show more
kindness than you often deserve.

And when your people break you;
when they crack your rib cage or
find some way to smoke you out,
beyond the blush of new honesty,
after they have raised you to your
feet twice, after they raise a glass
to their lips, after they know you,

then, well, answers on a postcard.

© Simon Travers, 2014.