Shoutout – SW Collective ‘Count Me In’

Last night, I had the great opportunity to see the SW Collective in action performing their new show ‘Count Me In.’ Because I went to the workshop earlier in the day, I even got a chance to be counted in and be part of the show.

‘Count Me In’ is a performance piece that tells life stories through numbers. It’s set in a bingo hall and follows three characters, a caller and two players.

The performers of the SW Collective are incredibly talented people. The show has a simple premise with a simple message told by familiar characters. However, because of the excellent performances from the team, ‘Count Me In’ is a sharp, highly engaging, sophisticated piece of work. It is fresh, poignant and grounded.

If you live in the South West and you get a chance to go along and see it, take the opportunity.

‘Count Me In’ is being performed at the Frome Festival in July 2014.


You might appreciate Anatomy if… 4

Apologies again for the time delay between posts in this series.

I wrote a book last year and called it ‘Anatomy’. It’s a collection of poems and essays that ask about what the Song of Solomon has to say to the 21st century.

In this collection of posts, I want to highlight 5 sets of people who might appreciate my book.

You might appreciate Anatomy if you are

4: prepared to embrace the poetry glut.

‘Anatomy’ is one more book which belongs to the global, all-time poetry and culture glut. There are many ways of negotiating with the poetry glut. Below I explain the way I am aiming for in poetry form. If you like what I am saying in this poem, you may well identify with the way I have developed ‘Anatomy’ and brought it to market. In which case, I invite you to buy a paperback copy through paypal from this site,  or an ebook version from Amazon.


Embrace the abundance of your neighbour’s sunset.
Confess there are wiser parents than you.
Embrace the circle and the shut-tight curtain.
Confess with applause those who showed up too.
Embrace street skaters and harvest festivals.
Confess that on beaches our footprints look the same.
Embrace the moving iceberg and trampled blossom.
Confess the fear of starting again.
Embrace that the opposite of serious is shallow.
Confess truth from the bargain basement is truth.
Embrace that your calling is what you are named and
Confess those who call you a poet as proof.

Blog feature for Anatomy

I’m delighted to draw your attention to another blog that has featured ‘Anatomy’.

Miranda Innaimo, an independent author and blogger, very kindly put together a feature and review of the book. Naturally, I was pleased about this not only for the publicity, but also because I follow Miranda’s blog and it makes me smile every time I read it.

Here is the article that Miranda wrote on Anatomy.

Miranda writes about ‘Anatomy’ “When reading Travers’ rich text, I experienced a wide range of emotional convictions that writing as good at that remarkably exposes: I found myself blushing with the intimacy revealed between husband and wife, delightfully sighing with their sighs…”

You can follow Miranda’s blog from this link.

You can purchase Miranda’s collections of poetry by following this link.

You can follow Miranda on Twitter from this link.