You might like my book if… 1

I wrote a book last year and called it ‘Anatomy’. It’s a collection of poems and essays that ask about what the Song of Solomon has to say to the 21st century.

In this collection of posts, I want to highlight 5 sets of people who might appreciate my book.

You might appreciate Anatomy if you are

1. A man who doesn’t fit into the ‘real man / new man’ opposites of identity.

One of the messages of Anatomy is that identity comes out of relationships, not out of an accumulation of objects, characteristics or traditions.

You are not a man because you like sport, beer or steak.  You’re not a man because you know how to cry. You’re a man in relationship to family, friends, colleagues, the wider world, perhaps even God.

Anatomy tries to push beyond the idea that there are many different ways to be a man towards asking why that’s so? My answer is that your identity is something that is held with other people. You are never yourself by yourself. Marriage is a helpful context to explore that idea fully.

If that sounds interesting, you might like my book. Follow the link to find out more.

Author: stackhousejones

Stackhouse Jones exists to form expressions of art and community which are strange and beautiful, touched by Heaven, and shared with love.