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On the one hand, there has not been a lot of new material posted on this site recently.

On the other hand, I have been busy researching and starting the process of my new book.

When I wrote Anatomy, the process of writing it was really jumbled as it started organically. I started writing poems and then did research and development in catch up. It worked for that project but I learnt that if I was going to do anything more ambitious, I would need a more linear approach to planning and developing my ideas.

I am a big believer in the idea that if you want a better book, then you need a better writer. If I’m going to write something better than Anatomy, then I’d better work hard at putting something new into myself that is predominantly about being a better person. I call this soulwork.

So my first priority in writing a new book has been to do this kind of soulwork reading. Naturally, as I come from a place of faith, most of my reading in this area is faith based. Over lent, I am going to be reading the book above ‘The Shape of the Liturgy’ by Dom Gregory Dix. I have a second hand version which smells of parish churches.

I think that there is a challenge for a writer: if we hope to write for more than information, if we hope to write to challenge or inspire or contemplate, if we hope to go deeper than the average writer does, then we must be prepared to let other books work that way on us too. There’s a time for critical thinking. There’s time for evaluation of arguments. There’s also a time for sitting under the experience of someone and letting them teach you. This is what I hope is going to happen with Dom Gregory Dix and myself in the weeks running up to Easter. And eventually, I hope what I learn marinates the plot and characters of the book which is coming later in the year.

If you’ve read this book and would like to chat to me about it, or read books that reference it such as ‘Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places’ by Eugene Peterson, then why not like the Stackhouse Jones page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter?

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