Weekly Indie Word Slinger Feature and Review

I’m very grateful to Ali Crean, who runs the All The Things Inbetween blog. She has placed an interview with me on her weekly feature on her blog called Weekly Indie Word Slinger. Ali also has posted a very kind review of Anatomy on her blog too.

Read the Word Slinger feature.

Read the review.


Opposite Beatitudes

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the last 2 weeks thinking through and reading about the Beatitudes again. Trying to reflect on what I learnt, I wrote a poem that is aiming for the mirror opposite of what the Beatitudes say, contextualised to our time and place.

Opposite Beatitudes

Blessed are the rich for they will help themselves.
Blessed are the smiling for they are paid to do so.
Blessed are the arrogant for they will win elections.
Blessed are the self-made men for their autobiography sold well last Christmas.
Blessed are those who get revenge for their hard work has paid off.
Blessed are those with pure skin for everyone will stare.
Blessed are the empire builders for their place in history is secure.
Blessed are the popular for they shall be surrounded.
Blessed are the self-righteous bullies and online trolls for they have nothing to learn from anybody.