The Story Behind ‘Come Away’

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Come Away takes it’s point of departure from one translation of the last verse of the Song of Solomon. I wanted to give it a bit of a different twist though, so most of the poem shoots forward to the end of the husband’s life, decades after the time of the other poems. I wanted to write something grounded in reality and experience about the end of the marriage which has lasted the difference.

I also wanted with this poem to affirm the way in which marriage passes through the generations and includes people who perhaps become parents and grandparents. There’s a theme throughout the Bible that people are the pinnacle of creation. I believe you can learn more about what is good about the world from the person you are sat next to on the couch than you do from the David Attenborough documentary on the TV screen. Despite our culture’s definitions of beauty, this still applies to an older generation, even to those on death’s door.

Of all the audio poems I made for Anatomy, I think this is one of the few I would like to have another swing at. The mixing is a bit off in places  and I’m not sure in hindsight how I got to the bit that’s almost reggae. File under learning experience.

Author: stackhousejones

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