The Story Behind ‘Impressive You’

My wife and I are not the characters that I have written about in ‘Anatomy’. However, ‘Impressive You’ is really a little love letter to my wife because it’s the way I feel.

There’s not much more of a story than that really.

So there’s a little time to talk about the development of the audio version. I started it in June 2013 as an experiment to see if I could actually do something which I would think worthwhile. I started learning FL Studio from scratch and there were a few frustrating wasted nights as I learnt how to do what needed doing. I took a break from making the tracks over the summer while I animated the video for ‘Love and Pi’ before coming back in September to finish it.

‘Impressive You’ was one of the earlier tracks to be finished. I think that shows on the saxophone solo that wants to be John Coltrane but is more Harry Hill. I hadn’t learnt how much you needed to use the special effects on offer when I made this track. However, I like the rain and the sound of the number 35 coming up our street that I captured sitting on our front doorstep with a microphone one wet Wednesday morning.

Author: stackhousejones

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