The story behind ‘No Battery’

This poem was one of the later poems to be added. It replaced a poem that more explicitly dealt with the wife’s relationship to her friends. I’d wanted to try and capture something of a contrast between the wife’s exterior personality and interior life between her husband. But it wasn’t working, so it got replaced with this. The friends cannot be involved because there’s no battery on the phone to take the photo to post on the social media.

‘No battery’ is about the most domestic of domestic rhythms. In my marriage, the one thing that happens every day is that we meet up at the end of the day to share news and feelings about what has happened. Even if we have spent the day together, we still usually take time to reflect on what has taken place. It’s the way we maintain effective communication.

In this poem, this domestic routine is linked to an actual experience that I had walking on the Tamar Bridge, thinking about the book. As the poem describes, there was a full moon and a gap in the clouds which the moon seemed to be rolling across the top of. There was a moment where an inter-city train passed over the railway bridge and it was beautiful in the moonlight, before the clouds covered the light and the moment was gone.

The aim of the poem was to try and connect the domestic rhythms of life to something larger. A moment can be created by the convergance of celestial movement, weather systems, railway timetables, and family routine which invite us to enter into a deeper love for the reality surrounding us.

Author: stackhousejones

Stackhouse Jones exists to form expressions of art and community which are strange and beautiful, touched by Heaven, and shared with love.