Five a day

One of the big challenges I’m facing at the moment now that the book has been written and published is marketing.

I didn’t do a lot (any) marketing before the book was published. I’m happy with that because I think you have to have something tangible to market with. For some people, that can happen before the product is published because there is a tangible brand identity or reputation.

Yesterday, I received a piece of advice which I thought was really helpful. It was suggested to me that I do 5 things each day to market ‘Anatomy’. This seems to me like good advice because it gives a measure as to if I am doing enough.

So, today, thing one is this.

Thank you again to anyone who has taken the time to follow or like this blog. Can I gently remind you that ‘Anatomy’ is just waiting to be discovered.

It’s available in ebook format through Amazon, and in paperback from this website and if you’re not sure, have a read of the introduction first.

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